Classic Rock Band
Classic4 House Party

If you add it all up… as individuals… We have been playing for over 200 years!

Is that a good thing??? You might ask?

Well, yes and no. It means we have a lot of combined musical experience and we can play some pretty cool tunes. It could also mean we are “old”.

We’re NOT!

Age is just a number! REALLY!

When we are playing we all feel like we have been transported back to our teens. The difference is we couldn’t play these pretty cool tunes back then (certainly not as well as we play them now).

Mark - Leader of the Band

Mark is the leader of the band (because we practice in his studio most of the time). Mark does vocals and bass guitar. He’s our Bill Wyman, steady as a rock, the heart and soul of our band.

Dax is on keyboards.

Dax is on keyboards. He has 2 keyboards. One is a piano and the other is a BEAST! The sounds that Dax generates from the BEAST are amazing. Hammond B3? No Problem. Brass? You got it. Fender Rhodes? Yep. The list goes on.

Bruce does vocals and lead guitar.

Bruce does vocals and lead guitar. He is our newest member and came to the band as vocalist and rhythm guitar. After we lost our lead guitar player, Bruce took up the challenge to learn lead guitar. We haven’t looked back.

John is our drummer and backup vocalist.

John is our drummer and backup vocalist.